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Business Problems

Dominant business thinking and solutions are outdated. They generally have signs of operational blindness, implicit bias and marketing myopia, leading to a bigger problem while solving another.

Cultural relevance is the most critical aspect of brand communication in our age. Once brands lose touch with their target audience, they fight a losing battle to stay top of mind.

Creative Solutions

We find creative solutions by utilising the outsider gaze to help you make impactful, agile and resilient strategic decisions and save your business money, time and effort in creativity and innovation.

We frame and make sense of the cultural system where your business problem exists in and gain a deeper cultural understanding. Through this understanding, we assist our clients in making sense of their target cultural system to make informed strategic decisions.

Our Value Proposition

Culture is a system in which behaviours, choices and beliefs are shaped. Unfortunately, businesses tend to disregard the importance and influence of culture on people’s lives, decisions and behaviours.

Most business problems have underlying cultural causes that need resolving. If they do not address that root cultural code, any business solution would only relieve the symptoms. And that costs the business more time, money and effort to develop solutions each time.

Our team come from diverse backgrounds, disciplines and cultures. We utilise the outsider gaze to find creative solutions for your business problems.

We will help you avoid pitfalls and mistakes that can be very costly when targeting either a new market or an existing one. Moreover, we will help you discover new opportunities and value concepts for growth.

Diverse Community

What business decision makers know about other cultures is generally secondhand and superficial. Therefore, they are inclined to make quick but false assumptions. And they always cost more for the business.


We are a global community of cultural strategists, creative thinkers and designers from different backgrounds, disciplines and cultures. We assemble a diverse team of sensemakers that explores culture to find innovative solutions for your business problems.

The Outsider Gaze

The outsider gaze is missing today in achieving creativity and innovation for businesses.


The outsider gaze sees beyond boundaries and creates new perspectives. It will help you find a value proposition, business model, brand positioning or marketing strategy that breaks the paradigm.

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