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The Outsider Gaze

What is the common thing between Red Bull, Carbon Health, and McDonald’s?

They all utilised the outsider gaze to achieve creativity and innovation. 

  • Red Bull was initially a local product in Thailand. However, an Austrian entrepreneur discovered it while travelling the country and saw the potential as a global brand.

  • A migrant entrepreneur in Silicon Valley discovered the problems within the health care industry when his mother got sick. He then founded the fastest growing health care startup in the USA.

  • McDonald Brothers utilised the outsider gaze onto the factory production system and discovered a creative solution that paved the way for the emergence of the fast-food industry.


Pakt is a holistic sensemaking agency.


We are a cross-cultural and interdisciplinary strategic consultancy based in London and Istanbul. We offer our clients creativity and innovation at the intersection of culture and strategy.


Our expertise area intertwines marketing, communications, strategy, innovation, and research & development verticals. Therefore, we help businesses make better informed and more holistic decisions.


We will help you see the world with new eyes and make sense of your target culture in a faraway land or within native markets. Get in contact with us, and let's discover new meanings together.

Cross-cultural Strategy

Is your value proposition meaningful across cultures?


Nationalities, religions and ethnic heritage constitute cultural systems on a macro level. Yet, there are countless micro subcultures both locally and globally, from video gamers to cyclists, from vegans to flat-earthers, with cultural codes that bind people together and influence their collective behaviours.


We assist our clients in gaining a deeper understanding of their target culture and provide creative cultural solutions for them to make better educated strategic decisions.


Core Team

Serdar Paktin


Sensemaker,  Semiotician 

Nisa Bayindir

Consumer Psychology Expert

Tugce Akbulut

Creative Director 

V. Parthasarathy

Cultural Strategist

Zaina Kanaan

Cultural Analyst

Begum Erceber

Research & Communications Intern

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