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Cross-cultural Strategy

You can consider us like an expedition team that goes into unknown cultural territories to discover new ideas, insights and knowledge. Imagine Marco Polo, Vasco da Gama or Charles Darwin, who went on a mission to explore new lands and came back with ideas and learnings that changed everything.

Creativity and innovation occur at the intersection of cultures, borders and disciplines. Throughout history, nomads, migrants, refugees and expats have conveyed the ideas, knowledge and skills from one culture to another that triggered creativity and innovation. And the expedition journeys in the last few centuries have shaped the world we live in today.

Coffee, compass, paper and even sugar, which are basic necessities today, were all conveyed through cross-cultural interactions. We live in a world more interconnected, interdependent and uncertain than ever. In this new world order, cross-culturalism and interdisciplinarity are not only necessary but essential in utilising the outsider gaze.

This approach has so much potential for discovering, developing and designing creative solutions that are impactful, agile and resilient.

Semiotic Exploration

Semiotic exploration helps us discover the cultural codes, signs, and meanings and map out emerging trends. This is a cultural understanding journey within the target cultural system. We dig out core dynamics and implications that can leverage your business, brand or product to create a more profound impact.


Sensemaking is used to understand emerging patterns in a changing environment and shape new meanings for the future. This is an active discovery and iterative creation simultaneously where brands and businesses can create new sense and narrative spaces to position themselves. It is an excellent approach to moving away from competition and creating untapped market spaces.

Immersive Culture Safari

Immersive culture safari helps to gain quick, deep and experience based insights. This is a learning trip to the target cultural system where deeper understanding and insights are gained from rigorously designed and curated interactions and experiences.

Sensory Codes and Experiences

Sensory semiotics discovers the inherent signs and codes that make something meaningful or not in a target culture. Sensory codes are deeply embedded in our perceptions. We sense the world through our senses, and each culture has its distinct sensory codes, from gastronomy to fashion, from beauty to health. Those sensory codes define the subsequent success of your business, brand or product.

Futures Thinking

Futures Thinking helps us imagine how the world might change and what we can do with it. This is a future oriented, creative imagination process for generating new scenarios that will enable your organisation to discover emerging meanings to invest in and grow with.

Sense Checking

Sense check helps you avoid making mistakes and being out of touch with your target culture. This cross-cultural analysis of your positioning, value proposition, content, script, storyboard, screenplay, copy, idea or approach to the target market. We make sure it makes sense and is relevant within its context.

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