The outsider gaze is

the essence of creativity.

The outsider gaze has been a source of creativity and innovation for empires and kingdoms.

Coffee, compass, paper and even sugar, which are basic necessities today, were all conveyed through cross-cultural interactions. We live in a world more interconnected, interdependent and uncertain than ever. In this new world order, cross-culturalism and interdisciplinarity are not only necessary but essential in utilising the outsider gaze.

Creativity and innovation occur at the intersection of cultures, borders and disciplines. Throughout history, nomads, migrants, refugees and expats have conveyed the ideas, knowledge and skills from one culture to another that triggered creativity and innovation. And the expedition journeys in the last few centuries have shaped the world we live in today.

But the outsider gaze is missing today in achieving creativity and innovation for businesses.

pakt is a cross-cultural strategic consultancy.

Dominant business thinking and solutions are outdated. They generally have signs of operational blindness, implicit bias and marketing myopia, leading to a bigger problem while solving another.

Our core offering is to find creative solutions by utilising the outsider gaze to help you make impactful, agile and resilient strategic decisions and save your business money, time and effort in creativity and innovation.

Our team come from diverse backgrounds, disciplines and cultures. We utilise the outsider gaze to find creative solutions for your business problems.

We are a global community of cultural strategists, creative thinkers and designers from different backgrounds, disciplines and cultures. We assemble a diverse team of sensemakers that explores target culture to find innovative solutions for your business problems.

Some of our clients

This is not a glass of milk.

For some, this is nutrition. For some, this is a plant-based revolution. For some, this is animal welfare. For some, this is sacred. For some, this does not mean anything.

Meaning is fluid; like the milk, it takes the shape of its container. We help you discover what it means for your audience, either in a faraway land or within your native markets.

Creativity and innovation
at the intersection of
culture and strategy

pakt is a holistic sensemaking agency.

We are your

cultural discovery team.

You can consider us like an expedition crew that goes into unknown cultural territories to discover new ideas, insights and knowledge. Imagine Marco Polo, Vasco da Gama or Charles Darwin, who went on a mission to explore new lands and came back with ideas and learnings that changed everything.

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Whether it be understanding target market culture or the future of a category, we help our clients in making sense of cultural systems and making resilient strategic decisions.


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We help our clients in gaining a deeper understanding of their target market culture and provide creative cultural solutions for them to make holistic strategic decisions.

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